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Online Banking

BILL PAY    - The way of the future!

Bill Pay allows you, a Dakota Star Federal Credit Union member to use your computer to pay your bills.  All you need is Internet access to Bill Pay and a Dakota Star Federal Credit Union checking account.  This service is available for a $2.00 monthly fee.

Bill Pay steps:

  • Log onto your online banking account. 
  • Click on the tab the says Bill Pay 
  •  Here you will be prompted to read the Terms and Conditions, in a printable format also.
  • After accepting the terms and conditions, you will be in the Bill Pay site.
  • Click on the View Demo button in the upper right hand corner for a guide on how to use the system.

Bill pay can save you time and money.  It will save on postage and  you will use less paper checks and spend less time paying bills.  No more worrying about stamps or envelopes. 

You can set up your payments as either recurring(always the same payment) or one-time only (varying amounts).  You select what date you want your payments to be processed. 

If a particular merchant does not accept electronic payments, the system will mail them a physical check.  Electronic payments take about four business days from the day they are submitted until they reach the merchant.  Payments sent by a physical check will take about 10 days to reach the merchant.  Funds are debited from your share draft account on the day you have selected for your payments. 

For assistance call 1-800-418-0369 or 605-342-6442. 

Equal Housing Lender / NCUA Insured

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