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New Recruitment Scam

Summary:  Scams using Craigslist

Advertisements have been posted on Craigslist as part of member recruitment scams nationwide.  The ads solicit current credit union members and offer $75.00 or more for their assistance with qualifying a new member.  This scam is targeting credit unions and members across the country.

The following are samples of Craiglist ads target credit union members for recruitment scam:

If your a Credit Union Member- MAKE SOME EXTRA $$
This is NOT a scam!  I am willing to call you and discuss extensively!  I need a Credit Union Member to sponsor me into the credit union.  I am willing to pay $100 USD for this service. 
Please email me and we can discuss this in detail.  This is a 1 day process and I want to become a member for investment account/interest rate purposes. 

ABC and Credit Union Members Needed!!
If you are a ABC or Credit Union Member we will pay you $75.00 per member to sponsor others that would like to join the credit union but do not meet the membership requirements.  Please email for details.  
The information above is about a New Recruitment Scam


Recent regulatory changes regarding open end, HELOC and overdraft loans, make it necessary for Dakota Star Federal Credit Union to adjust due dates on these type loans.  Due dates will now be the 28th of the month.  This change will not effect any payroll deductions or automatic transfers you currently have.  Call our loan department @ 605-342-6442 if you have any questions.




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