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Green Livingis an idea that Dakota Star Federal Credit Union believes strongly in.  We understand everyone is trying to save money at the end of the day and we also believe people are concerned about protecting the environment and conserving our natural resources.  
We have developed a campaign that we believe will help people do both.  .

A Bright ( And Green) Idea -

June Green Tips

Go Green with E-statements

When you go green at Dakota Star Federal Credit Union you'll get more green back in your own pocket in the form of better rates and lower fees.  If you're not comfortable with e-statements yet, start with one account, and add more as you become accustomed to going paperless.

Once you're comfortable with going paperless, use these options for greener finances:

*  Enroll in on line access to all your credit union accounts.
*  Request direct deposit for paychecks, federal and state payments, and investment dividends.
*  Switch to e-statements for all your accounts.
*  Set up automatic transfers between accounts such as a college fund or vacation.
*  Set up automatic payments for auto, mortgage, utilities, phone, and more.
*  Pay bills on line, such as credit card, subscriptions, medical, and taxes.  

Reconcile your accounts on Dakota Star Federal Credit Union's web site - www.dakotastar.org

Save paper on record keeping at home:

*  Create a "Statements" or "Records" colder on your computer's hard drive.  You can also do this on a
    rewritable CD, an external hard drive, a PDA, cell phone, or on line storage site.
*  Add sub folders, using the names you already use for your paper system.
*  Open your on line statement.
*  Save it as a PDF or an HTML document.  Include the name of the financial institution and the date in the file name 
   so you can search for it easily.

However you store your records, use a secure Internet connection and protect against spyware and viruses. 
Keep a separate copy in a safe deposit box. 

June Green Tips
Do your Own Energy Audit
Trim excess fat from your utility bill doing a home energy audit.  If your utility company doesn't offer one, do in yourself.  Use the guide at energystar.gov.  You could save up to $40 a month by making small improvements.

Summertime Tips to Cool Off Your Home
*  Open windows and use portable and ceiling fans.
*  Make sure ceiling fans are set for summer (the air should blow downward).
*  Place a box fan in front of your window air conditioner to circulate cool air throughout the house.
*  Keep TVs and lamps away from your thermostat; the heat from these appliances can cause
    the air conditioner to run longer.
*  Use a programmable thermostat to adjust the air conditioning while you are asleep or at work.
*  Stick to white shades, drapes, and blinds for windows to reflect heat away from your home.  
*  During the day, close curtains on windows facing south and west.
*  Give your air conditioning unit some shade by planting trees or shrubs, but make sure they don't  
    block the unit's airflow.
*  Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use a fifth of the energy and heat of 
    incandescent bulbs.
*  Turn off computers and computer monitors when not in use.
*  Lower the thermostat on your water heater ( 115° is usually comfortable).
*  Caulk and weatherstrip to keep cool air inside your home. 
  • Dakota Star believes something as simple as changing to CFL light bulbs can make a difference both in the environment and in your energy usage usage each month(A 75W CFL replacement uses only 18 watts of energy and the average life is 8,000 hours).   Average energy savings - $30.00 or more.  Now how many light do you have in your home and how much would you save if you replaced your old CO2 with CFLs?  Do you think this is putting money back in your pocket?  We do! 

 New for April!  
 Home Improvement Ideas on saving energy 

Dakota Star FCU has Home Equity loans that can help you fix some of these energy problems.  Call today and let us start helping save money and energy.  We here to help you with our Green loans!

May Green Loans

Simple tips on how to save money on fuel!

Dakota Star FCU believes the following links have valuable information for everyone.  Everything from how to save fuel to what vehicles get the best fuel mileage to important tips to know about hybrids. This is just another part of our"Green Living" that we hope benefits everyone.








Watch for exiting new developments to be announced soon!!

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