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Scottie Saver Club

  • Children 12 years abd younger are eligible. 
  • For every $10.00 in deposits, they earn one Scottie Buck
  • With Scottie Bucks, they may purchase premiums(items), which are on display in our office.

    Dear Parents and Scottie Saver Members:

The Scottie Saver’s account is for the kids to save their own money. When kids deposit their own money they will receive Scottie Bucks. For every $10 of their money that is deposited, they will receive 1 Scottie Buck. Scottie Bucks are used to purchase prizes from the Credit Union. Deposits of their own money include, but are not limited to, allowances, birthday money, gift money and money earned doing chores. It does not include parent’s payroll checks, tax refunds, child support checks, or other deposits of the parent’s money. You may still deposit these things into your Scottie Saver’s account, but you will not earn Scottie Bucks for them.

Also, to earn Scottie Bucks you must maintain your savings balance. If you withdraw cash, the amount has to be redeposited before more Scottie Bucks can be earned.

Please remember to bring your red Scottie Saver book every time you make a deposit so that we can be sure to give you all of the Scottie Bucks that you earned.


Children 12 years and younger are eligible

Equal Housing Lender / NCUA Insured

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