Other Services


No more waiting for your statements via the mail. You will be able to view your statements on-line. Call or stop in today and find out how you can get E-statements!!

Online Bill Pay

It's safe!  It's secure!  
Electronic Bill Payment makes it easy and convenient to handle all of your bill paying online. Contact a Member Service Representative to see how you can sign up for service.

Online Banking

Check you account balances, transfer funds from one account to another, transfer your loan payments. Look at what checks have cleared your share draft account.

All of the above services can be accessed through our online banking service.   Sign up today!

Money Order

Need to mail some money and don't have any checks? We offer money orders for the convenience of our members!

VISA reloadable travel card. 

Going on a cruise or vacation? We offer VISA reloadable travel cards! Easier that carrying cash. Once purchased, reloading is a breeze. Give us a call or reload it online.

Watts (800) Number

Going out of town and need to get a hold of us? With our toll free 1-800 number you call call us anywhere in the country. Just dial 800-418-0369

Coin Counting

Got a bucketful of change that you have been saving for a rainy day? Bring it in and let our coin counting machine total it up for you! There is a fee to cash in the coin. Some exceptions may apply.

Night Depository

Want to make a deposit after hours? Use our night drop! We have a night depository for our members next to the inside lane of the drive up at both locations. Drop your transaction into the night drop and it will be posted to your account first thing in the morning the following business day!

More Services

We also have notary services for our members, along with fax, copy, and laminating capabilities. There is also a bulletin board in our entry way for our members use.